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For years, I struggled to publish my thoughts in a foreign language! Being understood is better than being perfect, and my imperfections in German aren't going to stop me from getting my message across.  I want to encourage others to do the same!

'Al dente' German

Have you ever done the trick of throwing a piece of spaghetti on the wall to see if it is completely cooked? What happens when they are cooked through? Yes, the pasta sticks!I lived in Germany for almost twenty years, a Texan woman replanted in German soil, and it feels as if knowing the articles of German nouns (knowing if it is 'der/ die/ das') and the transformation of words into the corresponding cases will NEVER 'stick'!  This noodle is permanently undercooked, 'unstickable', but you know what? I have learned to enjoy my German 'al dente' and I hope that you can do the same. This little problem / challenge was the only thing that kept me from becoming the speaker and writer I always wanted to be, but NO LONGER!

A love for Goofy Words

From now on, I profess to be a non-native speaker with an insanely big portion of love for the German language. I love words like 'Kuddel Muddel', 'doppelt gemoppelt', 'Handschuh' (oh, how cute!), and 'Staat' (which I pronounce like 'Stadt' and collect unforgiving looks for it). I do my best to form well-formulated sentences and to get a laugh out of my readers every now and then, but it's high time I send the fear of improper grammar packing! I'm starting, and if someone has it on their heart to correct my grammar, you can get in touch! Otherwise, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get!) I have something to say!

'You can say 'you' to me.' -Helmut Kohl (cool guy)

'What do you want to say,' you ask? WELL, if you ask like that, I'll tell you! First of all, I love to address everyone with the more informal 'Du' instead of the sometimes stuffy 'Sie' reserved for old people and bosses. This is the second undercooked noodle in my language repertoire and I make no apologies for it! I'm from the southern states of the USA where you use 'Yes, Ma'am' and 'Yes, Sir', and it's quite justified, especially if you want to show respect to an older person, but I've decided I'm going to call you by first names from the beginning, not because I don't have respect for you, but because it's just friendlier. It removes a cool distance between reader and writer and feels much more natural (at least to me!).

Let 'er Rip!

I am an encourager by nature, but I do not want to pander, bore or otherwise annoy you with sugary-sweet meme language. I want to shake you up for the truly important things in life, and when I use items such as tampons, fabric softener, or gravy to explain deeper concepts, I hope that a teeny bit of what I say gets stuck with you and maybe even makes for funny storytelling at the breakfast table or late at night before you say goodnight to your partner. I was awake for hours last night, giggling softly as I thought about all the beautiful stories of my life that somehow want to be told. My embarrassments, my failures, but also the moments when I felt absolutely ALIVE should find a place here, and if you are ready to start the journey with me, send me a short, 'We want MORE!

Thank you for reading up to here and for not letting yourself be distracted by uncensored German! I try (REALLY!), but it is high time to go LIVE, despite my weakness in declension. Have fun reading and thinking!

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