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Use your inner strengths to make this world a little bit better!

Okay, guys!  This challenge has the power to lure you out of your comfort zone in a brand new way!  Today I want to talk about how great you and I really are! If we're honest, we're probably used to doing the exact opposite. telling others about the things we can't do, or trying to be super 'humble' so others don't think we're arrogant.   We're taught not to 'toot our own horns,', and although this is true to a certain extent, it can lead us to hide areas of excellence or competence that someone in our circle may not have, just so that we don't make them feel guilty.

The Green Eyed Monster and Me

Some years ago, I had an innocent conversation with someone I was trying to get to know better.  We had a great time, and in the course of about half an hour we had discovered a lot about each other.  I knew that they were building a house, I knew where she worked, and I had heard about some things that interested her child.  She found out that I sewed patchwork quilts, liked to work in my garden and had recently started my own business.  The band came on and I told her that one of my dreams was to be the lead singer of a band when suddenly, she turned to me and said, 'Don't tell me you can bake, too!  The tone of our conversation immediately changed from curious exploration to downright envy!  In the way she said it, I replied softly, 'No, I can't really bake'.  And I lied.  Guess what?  I can bake an apple crumb cake that is 'slap ya momma good'!  Cream puffs and I don't get along, but yes, I can bake pretty well!  I lied because I was suddenly ashamed to be good at several things.  I didn't want to brag, I just wanted to get to know someone by offering a few topics that could lead to a common basis for conversation.  At that moment I made myself smaller so as not to unsettle this person, and it just didn't feel right.


    I want you to think about the areas in your life where you ROCK and how you can change your world for the better.
    Who is really served by the fact that you are NOT living your life to the fullest and using your unique talents?  
    What strengths have you hidden so that another person does not feel insecure? 

Could it be that by living a courageous life to the fullest, with all your talents and gifts, you could inspire others to live their bravest lives, as well?

Be authentic and make this world a little bit more magnificent!

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