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The Buck Stops Here!

Courage, Mindset

Wanna be truly brave? It’s time to take responsibility for your choices!


Brass Tacks

Courage, Mindset

It’s time to get honest with yourself about why you aren’t taking brave action!


The Power of Embracing Your Vision!

Courage, Mindset

Find your vision and live braver…starting today!


NOT a Day at the Beach

Courage, Mindset

Learning new things is a steep (but worthwhile) climb to the summit and NOT a beach vacation!


From Preachin‘ to Meddlin‘

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

Take the topic of boundaries one step further and learn to set and enforce healthy boundaries on YOURSELF!

close_up_photography_of_magnifying_glass_906055_noelle otto.jpg

Fact or Faux?

Mindset, Relationships

Learn how to distinguish between real feelings and their fake counterparts in the process of setting healthy boundaries.


The Courage to Be a Duck

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

We can’t control what people are going to say, but we CAN control how we are affected by their words.


Stories at my Funeral

Courage, Mindset, Vision

Keeping your own death in mind helps to understand life better.


Torn up for good

Courage, Mindset, Vision

Sometimes things have to be destroyed so that something new can grow.