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NOT a Day at the Beach

Courage, Mindset

Learning new things is a steep (but worthwhile) climb to the summit and NOT a beach vacation!


From Preachin‘ to Meddlin‘

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

Take the topic of boundaries one step further and learn to set and enforce healthy boundaries on YOURSELF!


Signs of Life

Courage, Mindset, Relationships

Learn how to set healthy boundaries by putting up some 'signs.'


Family Conference

Mindset, Relationships

You don‘t have to have more ideas than others, but rather the ability to decide which of these ideas is good. --Linus Pauling


Strengthen Your Strengths

Courage, Mindset, Values

Use your inner strengths to make this world a little bit better!


I like my German 'al dente'

Biography, Courage

For years, I struggled to publish my thoughts in a foreign language! Being understood is better than being perfect, and my imperfections in German aren't going to stop me from getting my message across.  I want to encourage others to do the same!